Whether you are looking to stack, un-stack, or load your baskets, LeMatic has a machine to economically meet your automation needs.

Basket Loader

Model LBL-131

Accepts Variation in Basket Size and Style

  • Microprocessor control on the LS132 Bulk Packer diagnoses problems on the LBL131 & communicates them to the operator for action
  • Loads baskets in single or double pack style. Change-over only requires turning a switch
  • Adjustable guide system accommodates variations of basket style & size


Model 34000

  • Able to palletize 4 stacks of 20 loaded trays/stack onto a PLASTIC pallet in about 2 minutes.
  • Variable stacking height.


Details coming soon.

Newsmith Logo

LeMatic/Newsmith Alliance

LeMatic’s integrated alliance with Newsmith and their line of basket handling systems allows us to offer the baking industry a Cooler to the Door® automation solution! Ask a LeMatic sales professional about the great lineup of basket destackers, trash removal, elevator/lowerators, basket loaders, basket stackers, dolly loading and much more!