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Industrial Coils, LLCIndustrial Coils, LLCIndustrial Coils, LLC


Industrial Coils produces encapsulated/over molded coils that are used in a verity of difficult environments including: moisture/humidity, chemical/solvents, petroleum, heat, and many other industries that may require extra protection.

Our range of thermoplastics include: Polyproprylene, Valox, Nylon, Rynite, Ryton which are all prime certified U/L approved material.

  • UL listed insulation
    • Class B (130°C)
    • Class F (155°C)
    • Class H (180°C)
  • Thermoplastic injection molding
  • Low cost tooling available
  • Prototyping/low volume runs
  • Insert injection molding
 Encapsulated/Over Molded Coils

Encapsulated/Over Molded Coils

Encapsulated/Over Molded Coils

Recongnized under the Component Recognition Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

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Industrial Coils, LLC | Custom Coil Winding and Insert Injection Molding